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An image in a matrix does not attach to the individual items. Sometimes I understand you'd need different photos representing different colors or something but if you have 41 sizes of jeans that all look the same it sure would be nice to have a "apply to all items" option for the matrix image!

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    @Patty agreed, we have this same issue with footwear. Maybe we get in 3 colours of a boot or shoe, in sizes women's 6-12, so 13 units per colour, times 3 colours is 39 individual items. In order to assign each of them an image, you have to click the image + button next to each one, wait for the image screen to open, select the image you want, click the save button. So each item takes 3 mouse clicks to set an image. 39 individual items times 3 is 117 mouse clicks to set all the colours. Multiply this by the fact that we often recieve 10 plus items at a time that may require uploading to eCom, so now we might be over 1100 mouse clicks in a single PO in order to get them set up on eCom.


    The system already has a mass change feature for prices, taxes, weights, titles, etc. Please add the ability to add images to multiple variants at the same time as well. This will save users literally hours of mouse time and carpel tunnel issues.

    Would anyone at Lightspeed be able to weigh in on this and provide a solution to hours of mouse clicks, or thoughts on if this issue is being worked on already?

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