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The eCom API has some endpointa to get metafields from specific 'OwnerTypes':

  • accountMetafield
  • customerMetafield
  • invoiceMetafield
  • orderMetafield
  • productMetafield
  • shipmentMetafield
  • shopMetafield
  • variantMetafield

This all works really good and as expected. But now I need to read the metafields for categories. But there is no 'CategoryMetafield' endpoint in the eCom API.

The only way to get metafields from a category, is to search the 'Metafields' endpoint. But when you search in the Metafields endpoint, you get thousands of results, because all the metafield types are returned. There is also no filter get only the 'category' Metafields.

Am I missing something? How can I easily find the metafields from a specific category?

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