New Label Update - Problems.......

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So it appears that with no announcement Lightspeed have finally done away with the Zebra Print rubbish and moved label printing to within the Lightspeed Hub. "Hooray"

Except now my labels won't print correctly...... They are printing over the gap.

Update: I can see there is a "Printing Options" now and we can print the SKU on the label finally. Hooray!....

Buuuut now there isnt a barcode to scan.......... Seriously WTF is wrong with your programmers!!!!!!!!!!!

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    As far as the labels printing over the gap...have you tried recalibrating the printer? You can force it to recalibrate by holding down the pause button and the X button at the same time. There's a video about it here:

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    Thanks for the response @BenV. I have tried the recalibration and it didnt change anything.

    However when I did the "options" thing and it removes the barcode, the label prints correctly.... (Apart from having no barcode..)

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    Did I miss the notice where this was going to be rolled out?

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    @JamesSBB we just got an email saying they were closing our support ticket was closed.

    Had to go searching all around to figure out why.

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    I had an issue with it where when I went into the advanced settings prior to printing, changed the barcode setting to 'print UPC, but if no UPC exists print system ID' and my goodness did lightspeed struggle with that: I printed an entire PO of labels (a big one), and then put them on all the boxes. Only after doing all this work (three staff, half an hour) did we realize when we scanned a few, that for a bunch of items where it printed the UPC, it just cut out some digits in the barcode so that it ended up jumbled into a random string of numbers that did not amount to any UPC in our system. Then, to add to our surprises, for a few of the labels where it opted for the 'use system id if no UPC exsits' it correctly printed the item description but then for the barcode it printed a system id for a completely different item that did not correspond to the description.

    So we had to get some more staff involved to pull all the labels off the boxes, throw them all out, re-print the labels using the default settings rather than the upc/system id combo setting, spot check the entire roll of printed labels that lightspeed spit out, and then re-label the entire shipment all over again. So our little half-hour sticker sesh turned into a two and a half hour project.

    In our busy, multi-location outdoor sports business, accurately labelled and barcoded items is key to our operations, inventory, transfers, and sales.

    Sometimes I worry that Lightspeed genuinely doesn't understand how frustrating this is as a retailer to deal with.

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