Is there a way for Lightspeed to trigger an external api call to Mailchimp?

jcaprajcapra Member Posts: 5

Hello LightSpeed API Forums!

I've connected several apps that sent data TO LightSpeed in the past... waivers for creating customers and forms for creating products.

Is there a way that I can trigger a call FROM LightSpeed to another service? Specifically, there is a Contact box at the top right of a Customer page. If I check the box next to Email, then save the customer, can I send an API call to Mailchimp and subscribe them to our mailing list?

If so, I could then do the reverse to unsubscribe them.


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  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 64 ✭

    There's no way to do that directly from retail. You'd have to build an integration to poll the customers endpoint to check for modified customers, then make the mailchimp api call to subscribe/unsubscribe.

    If you're looking for someone to build something like that, then I could do it for you!

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