'Home' page in Retail slow / give spurious errors

ALloydALloyd Member Posts: 20

The Home page of Retail is a really useful snap-shot of how the day is going and I use it frequently throughout the day. It's not perfect, but a pretty good tool to monitor the day at a high level. It used to load really quickly, but for the past six months or so, it has become really slow. Frequently it just gives up and gives an on-screen message that says "Access Denied". What? That is completely wrong. The errors appear after it tries for a long time to load. The other message is the generic "An error occurred". No kidding.

I'll do a bit of response management here by giving this disclaimer: Yes, I have a really fast fiber connection to my ISP. Yes, I am logged-in as on an account with Owner privileges. Yes, it happens on multiple devices using multiple different ISPs and multiple browsers on Windows 10, Mac, and Linux. No -- it never happens in the middle of the night . . .it happens when most of North America is out shopping.

So, what's the deal? Is there a need for more servers in the farm to satisfy demand for the Home page?

Alan Lloyd

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