Payment terminal keeps losing connection

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Am I the only one with a bad Verifone payment terminal? I cannot get any consistency with this thing. Keeps going offline with the iPad and lightspeed app. Do you need to hire a professional network person to set this up? Getting extremely frustrating as I have to reboot this thing on average of about 20 times per day and it takes forever especially with waiting customers. I have lost so much business to this thing and no one knows how to fix it. Going back to Quick Books POS soon...

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  • howlkathowlkat Member Posts: 3

    We are having similar issues. Terminals freezing, having to reboot the terminal or re-start Lightspeed or our devices in the middle of transactions... we were putting up with it despite the inconvenience and problems this causes with customer service. But we've had to now contact our IT professional due to ongoing problems.

    We have a register setup with two iPads and two Verifone P400s. One of our iPads is outdated and we bought a new one to replace it-- the new iPad will not connect to either P400. After contacting Lightspeed support and walking through all of their troubleshooting workflows (which we had already done in-store...) nothing helped, so we put the issue on the backburner.

    That is, until one of our register iPads lost the connection to the P400 terminal and refuses to reconnect. We continually get a "server with the specified hostname could not be found" error when attempting to select credit. We can't re-pair the terminal no matter what we try, even though we've confirmed the terminal is on the LAN and the terminal is connecting to Stripe. Will update if our IT person has any insight...

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