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Vendor cost should always equal the default cost vs. $0 when creating new variants. I understand the notion of having different costs if a product comes from different vendors with different costs, but that is much the exception than the rule.

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    Totally Agree!! And the cost should be updated if you change it on a PO. We shouldn't have to change it in the Vendor ID page.

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    I just had a long chat with a Lightspeed representative and she couldn't understand why I was frustrated with it. On the detail page I can select the vendor and change the cost, but it doesn't update the cost for that vendor! It makes no sense whatsoever. I have to go into Vendor ID's for EVERY new product. It's a giant waste of time, but they don't seem to get why we're frustrated with it.

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    I'm floored why they don't seem to think this is a BIG issue! It causes an accounting nightmare; sales can be calculated incorrectly. So mad over this simple issue I'm considering conversion to something else.

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    YES on new POs changing the default cost of that vendor when you receive the items!! These days costs keep going up from order to order and they will rarely go back down, and when you get 100s of products at a time, it should really update by itself. The usual "export in excel, correct and import the new data" workaround is a crutch, this is really something that should be a basic function of the software.

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    I've moved this thread to our feedback forum for it to be considered as a requested change enhancement within the software.


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    I've been using the Vendor Cost to equal exactly that...The cost from the vendor, but add freight to the cost in the default cost column.

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