New Inventory Type - Service Assembly (or other name - service package?)

Allow a user to create an inventory item that acts somewhat like an Assembly, but is essentially a Bill of Services/Materials for a service department.

This inventory item would be similar to an Assembly but instead of having all line items wrapped up behind the scenes, adding this specific item to a work order would immediately add all associated individual lines to the work order as well, in the foreground. Those lines could then be added to, or removed at the user’s discretion from the work order.

For example, we use Lightspeed in a Vespa shop and sometimes customers bring in scooters that have been sitting for years, with the intention to get them running again. Likely the same thing happens in bicycle shops or other industries. There's a list of repairs we always recommend for scooters in this condition.

Instead of the Service Manager spending time running over a list of what a specific scooter needs, and manually adding items to the work order during check-in, allow the user to create a single inventory item that includes all of the individual services, adds them to the work order, and allows them to delete what is not necessary.

Example, a specific kind of Vespa that has been sitting a long time comes in and an inventory item called “Get Running - Vespa LX” is added to the work order. Just like an assembly, that item includes individual repairs that are all known issues that would affect a scooter in this condition - a major service, carburetor cleaning, environmental disposal fee, tires specific to that scooter, tire installation fees specific to that scooter, brake fluid flush, etc.

Adding the “Get Running - Vespa LX” inventory item to a work order automatically adds all of those individual items to the work order as individual lines, instead of wrapped them up in the background like they would be in an Assembly inventory type.

This would quicken the process of getting these older “do the works” kinds of services checked in by adding all of the highly likely repairs needed at once. It would also give a customer a picture of the worse case scenario (price/work needed) and as the mechanics get into the scooter to determine what it specifically needs or doesn't, specific line item repairs could be removed or added as necessary.

This new inventory type could also allow users to add specific parts known to be needed in each repair so they are accurately deducted from inventory.

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