Login/caching issue?

SamASamA Member Posts: 16

I've contacted support directly about this issue, but it's hard to nail it down, and I'm wondering if other accounts are having the same issue we are.

In brief, users sometimes find themselves logged in as a different user, even though they have entered their own correct PIN. We have only noticed this behavior when logging in to Lightspeed on computers which have just woken from Sleep mode. They are able to perform any actions that don't require them to log in again (in our system, that's anything besides a new sale or new workorder). So, as an example, one employee came in to work in the morning, logged in, and started receiving purchase orders as a completely different user.

You can imagine the problems this could cause, even absent any ill intent whatsoever.


  • trottingfoxtrottingfox Member Posts: 2

    Are you sure you are not under the training mode? That happened to me once, I was in a Manhatten Boutique but it turned out that I was in the Mock Sales module. As I started the day I had hit enter when the mock sales email was highlighted. I hope yours is as simple as that.

    Good luck, I hope you figure that out


  • cdoremuscdoremus Member Posts: 13

    just had this occur did you find a solution for this?

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