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Hopefully you can help me out, since Support has sent me to you.

We are encountering problems with the API link with DataFeedWatch. The API retrieves an older category structure that no longer exists in the webshop. We've run some tests to check whether the problem isn't with DataFeedWatch, but it certainly isn't. Support couldn't figure out why the API got to this old information. Can you?

Thanks in advance.




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    Related to the first message, since the link has been made via an API, we no longer have insights into how the information is retrieved. Could you please tell me how category paths are made from the different categories?


    Lightspeed categories we fill in:


    Woonaccessoires / Kaarsen en geuren

    Woonaccessoires / Decoratie / Sfeerlichten


    Woonaccessoires > Kaarsen en geuren > Sfeerlichten

    I don't get how the category_0 is created.

  • LucienVersendaalLucienVersendaal Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 940 moderator

    Hi @happyidiot,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Where do you see this category_0? In Lightspeed API to check the path you'll need to check the depth and path fields

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    Hi Lucien,

    Thank you for looking into this. category_0 is what DataFeedWatch receives.

    As far as we know, we can't look into the Lightspeed API? How can we do this?

    BTW: you're mentioning ID's, we only see category names.

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    Hi @happyidiot

    You could double check lightspeed eCom backend to make sure that you don't have multiple categories entered.

    Another way would be to check in the Datafeedwatch portal if you don't have any business rules changing around your data.

    If that is also not the case you can ask DFW where the base this category_0 field on, because this is not a standard Lightspeed value so they must've done some mapping.

    If you run out of options and you need someone to look into the API for you let me know.

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    Hi Lucien,

    Thanks again for helping me. Category_0 is not a standard Lightspeed value, but category_0 is similar to the field Product Category, is this a standard Lightspeed value? Because then my question still holds.

  • LucienVersendaalLucienVersendaal Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 940 moderator

    Hi @happyidiot,

    If Category_0 is not coming from Lightspeed, then I suspect that this is coming from Datafeedwatch. Since DataFeedWatch is grabbing the structure from your LS shop, this might be added on their side.

    I've checked your structure in the API but I couldn't find Category_0.

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    Yes, but isn't "Product_Category" coming from LightSpeed?

  • happyidiothappyidiot Member Posts: 6

    Could you please respond?

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