New Reporting & Integration platform for Lightspeed Retail

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Hello everyone, I posted a while back about working on a platform for reports, integrations, etc, and I'm a lot closer to actually having something. Checkout, the landing page covers most of the salient points, but it's still a work in progress.

A few of the key features I'm targeting

  • Data into a database that can be accessed via a variety of tools, with revisions so you could see when a value was changed.
  • Built in reports, report builder interface, custom reports built with SQL, scheduled emailing, uploads, etc
  • Integrations with other services. Right now, there's Hubspot ( customer/contacts ), Zoho CRM, limited support for ZohoCreator, and Google Calendar for workorders. Additionally, I'm trying to figure out something for use with Zapier. If there's a killer one that people would be interested in, I'm all ears.
  • Webhooks for when things change in Lightspeed Retail, i.e. a new sale is created and that triggers *some action*
  • Option for custom integrations as customers need them.

I suppose the main target audience are power users who are familiar with writing SQL queries to make reports, and who want a less expensive alternative Lightspeed Accounting. Or, users who are looking for more integration options for their Retail account.

Later down the road, I do plan on adding more "helper" features as well. One thing I'm considering is building a visual editor for things like receipts and invoices so one doesn't have to manually alter the rain templates.

If you're interested, there's a signup page on First few signups, if I get any, get to use it for free while the app is being worked on, and some sort of discount when it's finished ( early users discount, and pricing is not set in stone ).

All feedback is welcome as are all requests!

Matt Anger

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