Platform Limits - Custom Template Data Fields 😡 255 characters 😡

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We have hit a roadblock as a result of what seems to be a character limit to the theme editor and how many characters you can add in the theme editor.

After lots of finger pointing / testing it does appear to be a theme editor lightspeed core limit.

Our developers and theme developer DMWS insist they have no control over it.

Apparently the limit is with the - Custom Template Data Fields 255 characters

I understand that a platform needs to establish resource limits especially on the home page but as we are talking about txt this limit seems a bit arbitrary considering there are many different sites with many different requirements.

Our txt is getting cut off from our artists spotlight slides and that is not good for us.

it is just under the video on the section titled Our Gallery Artists

Full text for both sections is

<span style="text-transform:uppercase"> ‘Wires Crossed’<br />‘Pendle Sunset’ Red Lane’ </span> <br /> Three block woodcut using oil based inks on archival quality paper.<br /><br /> The Pendle area of the Pennines is where Anita grew up and lives, fully aware of seasons and weather, of light and shadows falling on the moorland and fields. Working with an upcylced mangle Anita is creatively experimental with the whole printing process, plates made from lino, aluminium, zinc and card as well as exploration of lithographic techniques and eco friendly resists and inks. These woodcuts are complimented with a limited and harmonious palate often blacks and ochres.<br /><br /> During lockdown Nita has been making prints using acrylic resists etched in copper sulphate. As more people have discovered, the natural world can be a place to replenish. Nita has discovered new places to walk in Ilkley where she now lives. This new work reflects those walks in and around Ilkley.

<span style="text-transform:uppercase"> ‘Lonley Road’ Mixed media <br /> W 51cm x H 41cm x D 3cm </span> <br /> Expressive landscapes exploring wild remote hills. Based on sketches and remembered experience, inspired equally by scents on the wind and the changing light as with visual. <br /><br /> Liz builds up her paintings with collage, liquid graphite and with layers of thin acrylic paint intermingled with line. <br /><br /> As a painter I have a special interest in working from the landscape. My inspiration comes from walking the land, especially the remote hilly areas of Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Scotland and Ireland. I enjoy exploring wild, undiscovered, rough places, where weather, time and the rhythms of the seasons mould and change the landscape. I feel it is important to establish a relationship with these specific locations, to explore it by revisiting it in order to understand its many different aspects. This research is recorded through drawings and paintings made on location.

It is getting redacted and the next slide only shows this

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated as we have waited 3 months for DMWS to implement this and they did not know about the platform limitation.



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    Just giving this a bump if anyone at Lightspeed can input on this as we are in a desperate dispute stage with DMWS and need to know urgently if it can be achieved.

    All the best

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    Its official - This place is a ghost town - Even the ghosts are having a bed in.

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    Come on Lightspeed please change the core code value for this limit from 255 > 999

    It will take a few seconds

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