Purchase Order Status Indicators (Green/Red)

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Currently, "Check In" orders within the Purchase Order page show either green or red. Based on what I can tell, this depends on whether the number of received items is greater than the number of ordered items. This is not always an indicator that the purchase order is complete.

We order hundreds of items at a time, multiple times per week. There are cases in which we will receive a higher quantity of items than initially ordered. That being the case, the # received may reach or exceed the # ordered, although there may be some items that have yet to come in. This will cause the Check In status to be green - indicating that the order is ready to complete, although it may still have items on backorder.

Instead of formatting the purchase order to a green (finished) color once the # received is greater than or equal to the # ordered, I believe it would be better to check to see if there are any items left within the purchase order that contain the "Not Received" status. This would work much better as far as determining if the purchase order is actually complete.

Another option (probably easier to implement) would be to add a "Backordered" status, which would consist of a different status color. This would help to better distinguish order statuses, allowing us to manually set the status of purchase orders that have items waiting to come in.

There have been a lot of shortages within the past year, making it harder for vendors to completely fulfill orders. We have many orders that are just sitting in the "Check In" stage due to items that may not come in for months. With a different status indicator, it would help to separate these orders, making it easier to differentiate between them.


  • CCFS_ZachCCFS_Zach Member Posts: 25


  • shoehnshoehn Member Posts: 42

    @CCFS_Zach well put, we would love to see these suggestions put into place as well!!

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    +1 for me on this. Thanks for the suggestion, think its a good one.

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    +1 -- backorder functionality would go a long way for us. In the past two years, our suppliers have had extreme issues, and in some cases items ordered over a year ago are still on backorder. PO management in Lightspeed has not been effective due to this. We have not found a way to use Lightspeed to track these orders. The receiving team currently simply create a new PO for each delivery, based on the supplier's packing slip. Not ideal.

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