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marmalademarmalade Member Posts: 1

I would really like to utilize the email marketing feature but I have been having so many issues with building the templates and actually sending them out. The email builder isn't very easy to use. My pictures won't scale down and changing background color/text is illogically placed and takes too many steps. Additionally, I can only send emails using the groups. I have about 2000+ email contacts that are a part of my email list and I have to manually put them each into the group. Can we please get an update on this?? I left mail chimp to use the loyalty platform on Lightspeed and have yet to send out a campaign because it is not an easy set up!


  • kailaseguinkailaseguin Member Posts: 16

    agreed, its so not user-friendly and its very unreliable. My emails get cut off halfway down and lightspeed has no reason or explanation for this. Sometimes i spend hours formatting an email and it doesn't save as draft. super frustrating!

  • lindsay_evergreenlindsay_evergreen Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for this feedback, I was trying to decide between Mailchimp and Loyalty but it sounds like Loyalty is frustrating to use.

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