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Hi there,

So I needed the stock level of my shops on a certain date. For this I used to go to the Asset History Report Export to choose the date and there the total amount was visible. In retail and wholesale price + margin. Since the new export tool is in place I have to generate a report which gives me a CSV file with 150.000+ rows. My maxed-out Macbook Pro from 2018 says it doesn't have enough memory to transform the CSV to an excel? Support tells me this is the only way... And they argued that this has always been the way.

As a retailer this only usefull information coming out of the Asset History Report Export is the amount of assets on a certain date. Nothing more. Maybe the amount of assets from a certain supplier or from a certain brand. But the most important is the total amount. And for some reason Lightspeed managed to introduce a new export tool that makes it impossible to get the only information the Asset History Report Export repport is supose to give me...

How come? And how can I solve this.

Thanks Jonas

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    Hi @jonassmets, I'm working on an application that would address your issue. The core feature is that it's customizable reporting platform, but its going to have reports, just like this one, that won't make your computer lose it.

    If you're interested, you can sign up the beta at! If you have any questions feel free to send me a direct message!

    Edit* I should have added that it's going to be a subscription service, but beta sign-ups/early users will get a lot of free use and significant lifetime discounts.

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