PLEASE make Lightspeed Hub capable of handling more than 1 tag printer at a time!

woodstockdesignwoodstockdesign Member Posts: 1

Switched to LS Hub on tech support's suggestion due to Chrome printing lag that began recently. Now can no longer have both of my tag printers powered on a the same time, as Hub is incapable of distinguishing them. We run 2 Zebra ZD410 printers - 1 printer dedicated to labels, and another dedicated to jewelry tags (Different formats / different label sizes). With Zebra print, this was no issue - we simply choose which printer to print to, picked format / size and printed. Tech support advised that my work around is to power one printer off, power the other on, print to it, then power it off again and power the original printer back on again to return to that printer. While it technically works, it's a huge pain, and a big step backwards. I can't be the only store using more than one label printer for different tags - this seems like a no brainer software fix. In addition, please add the capability of naming these printers in LS Hub, instead of the default generic codes it auto-detects. Thanks!

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