Request: Custom status for Vendor Returns (and notes by line item)

SethMSethM Member Posts: 87 ✭

We would like to be able to set our own status's for for Vendor returns and decide which status takes the product out of inventory. Example: We have a defective item, it would be convenient if as soon as we add it to the vendor return it showed as such in the inventory so we can order another, and to prevent accidental online sales of an item we don't really have (even though its still in store).

We would use a building/in process status to show we are still adding items to the return to save on shipping. At this status the items would appear as "Pending Return." A "Contacted" status to show we have reached out to the vendor with the list of items for return. The "Sent" status for when we actually mail the product, and the "Finished" status for when we receive our credit etc.

Notes by line item in the vendor return is usually requested by our vendors. They want to know what specifically are the issues with the products in detail. It would be nice to have a box we could type a quick description of the issue in so we can quickly export it to our vendors.

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  • Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 40

    Add to that... if you have to re-open a vendor return and then finish ... it should NOT create an additoinal transaction line in the history of the items on that return!! I had to re-open and close a return a number of times and now all the items on that return have in and out transactions for each time it was opened and closed!

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