Old Inventory Counts - To Reconcile, or Not to Reconcile?

Hey there community.

So we have an older inventory count (about 1 year old) and is - a full store count. We were much younger in our Lightspeed relationship back then, so it appears some steps may have been missed. It's possible some items were reconciled, but not zero-ed. But when selecting the "Reconcile" list, about 3000+ product that remains. But, there is also a shrinkage report of roughly 2000 product. Does that mean about half was reconciled?

So this count remains in our log, and many yellow line items of QOH changed. Curious what the best solution would be. Should we call it a wash, and delete the count forever? Or is it worth looking into and reconciling bigger ticket items?

Thanks in advance taking the time to wrap your mind around our troubleshooting.

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  • GregYaremaGregYarema Member Posts: 6


    I would suggest that you not spend time on a 1 year old inventory count. You would be further ahead to conduct a new count. In the new count you would follow the steps of counting all items, either for the whole store or category by category, review the missed list, then set missed listed items to zero, and reconcile the count, review the shrinkage report. Remember to run an asset list before and after the count for the category(s) and location you are counting. Contact me if you need more explanation. Cheers

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