New Gift Cards UI, lacking vital info for customer look ups

meraleymeraley Member Posts: 2
edited September 6 in Feedback

It would be incredibly helpful in the new GC UI to be able to see & search by customer name as a column. Not only a search by GC code. Our customers very rarely have their gift card on hand when they come back to use it. They rely on us to be able to quickly look it up. This new UI really makes that lookup more complicated than it should be. The only method I can think of now is to go into their profile: sales history: print a receipt of each gift card they've purchased in order to see the code because the codes are all masked. Then go to the GC database and look up the balance there. Too many steps!

In the previous GC version, we could also go into the customer's profile: Account and see a list of their gift cards on the upper right. That's now gone too. This was *so helpful.* Please bring it back!

Additionally, inside the individual gift card's history, there seems to be no link to each sale the gift card was used toward. Just "used towards a sale". What if a customer requests to see a history of their gift card use? We have no simple way to produce that for them on the spot. If the individual sales were linked in the history, that would be much more helpful.

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