Google Analytics - Site Search Feature - How To Set Up?

Google Analytics has a relatively new-ish feature that I would like to take advantage of.

The feature is Site Search and, as the name suggests, tracks searches a customer makes on your site.

When setting up this feature you must include the internal query parameters used by the search engine. The default suggestions from Google are term,search,query,keywords. However this information does not seem to work for us, as no data has come up. Google then suggests running a search on your website to determine what your internal query parameters are.

When I search on my website, I see no identifiable internal query parameters. If I search "vest" using the search bar on my site, the URL looks like this "[...].com/search/vest/". Does this mean we only search by keyword?

When I reached out to Lightspeed to ask if they could tell me what Lightspeed ecom's search function has for query parameters, I had received this as a response:

"This is to let you know that the information you are looking for is not provided by Lightspeed itself. Since we are not experts in website content management, we don't have the knowledge to avidse on that matter, unfortunately.

You could also check with Google support to see if they have an insight on that matter to share with you. I was able to find an instructional video as well, if you would like to give it a try:

However, the best call in this case would be to check with a webmaster (a person who is trained in the implementation and maintenance of a website's content and core - as in codes and programming) in order to verify which would be these query parameters for your website."

I don't really understand because Lightspeed is the one who determines how search functionality works amongst all of their ecom sites. As far as I can see, I have no control over the internal query search parameters. Wouldn't Lightspeed have this information? After all, they are the ones who control the limitations over search functionality on each of their clients' sites.

Lightspeed, what are our internal query parameters?

Lightspeed community, have any of you had success with setting this feature up in your Google Analytics?

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