Lightspeed payments report-why aren't fees and payments ALWAYS available the next day?

This complaint is about Lightspeed payment reports, and the timing of when the fees and payouts information is available.

Every morning, I go through my internal account process of "closing" the previous day's business. This is unrelated to Lightspeed accounting, but does rely on the reports I generate from Lightspeed. When I run the Lightspeed Payments Card Sales report on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, I can see the total card sales, fees, and payouts for the previous day (so on Thursday I see all that info for Wednesday's sales). But on Friday, the fees and payouts just show $0. On Saturday, still nothing. On Sunday, I finally can see the fees and payouts for Thursday. (I haven't been using Lightspeed payments long enough to know when the fees and payouts information for Saturday will be available. Why is that? I need that information to complete my internal process, and I shouldn't have to wait 48 hours to receive it! This has nothing to do with the timing of the payouts--I understand the two-business-day wait for the payout to be deposited to my account--but I should be able to know the amount of the fees and what the payout will be, the day following when the transactions occurred. This information should be available whether or not it's a business day, because the fees are set, and that still doesn't explain why Thursday's fee and payout information isn't available on Friday.

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