Gift Card Code NOT Optional

JasonRobertsJasonRoberts Member Posts: 29

With the new Gift Card module, they added some extra fields and made the Gift Card Code an optional field. I knew this was going to be a problem, and today it was.

We had plastic bar coded gift cards printed, per the instructions we were given when we migrated to Lightspeed Retail. Originally we just entered the amount and then scanned the card, but with this change it's now possible to skip scanning the card, which one of my people did. This despite the memo we sent around telling our team that the Gift Card Code is NOT optional and that a card must be scanned.

The customer came in today to use the plastic card he was given and it had a balance of zero on it. Why? Because the amount had been applied to a randomly-generated gift card number.

This field needs a toggle so we can make it NOT optional anymore.

I really wish Lightspeed would stop "fixing" things that weren't broken to begin with. The original system was foolproof. The new one is not.



  • JasonRobertsJasonRoberts Member Posts: 29

    Oh... On a related note, didn't the balance remaining on gift cards used to print on the customer's receipt? Now there is zero information about the gift card on the receipt: no gift card number (even masked), no balance remaining.


  • doi4100doi4100 Member Posts: 7

    This is a huge issue for us also. We didn't realize one of our employees wasn't scanning in the barcode and now we have 3 Gift Card Sales that will show up as a zero dollar amount when they come in to redeem them. It should not be optional!


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