Sale of Gift Card Purchase shows $0.00 under item on receipt

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We have contacted you several times about the Sales of Gift cards and have been told each time, that you are working on it. When selling a gift card it shows $0.00 under items. This is confusing to the customer and to the employee who is processing the sale. Yet under payment, it shows Gift Card Purchase $25 (or what ever amount the gift card was for) Balance $25.00 and Credit Card $total amount of purchase.

It would make more sense to show the amount of the Gift Card purchased under items: $25.00, as you do have to enter the amount of the gift card in at the time while entering/scanning the gift card number. Then when you get to the total it would show the correct total due (as it did previously before someone at lightspeed changed it) before you get to the payment page.

Please change it back. Please correct this error!

Software should be USER friendly!



  • Natalie_G888Natalie_G888 Member Posts: 39 

    I too have contacted Lightspeed about this as when they transitioned to the new gift cards, it all changed and now it shows as 0.00 which caused much confusion not only for employees but for customers!

  • NbalskeNbalske Member Posts: 1

    Selling a gc with other products the gift card amount is not in the total sale needs fixing ASAP

  • alexfaalexfa Member Posts: 2

    I agree it should be fix !!

  • mike_fourthmike_fourth Member Posts: 11
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    Agree that this should be fixed! Not only on the receipt, but on the sales screen gift cards aren't included in the sale total until you click "Payment" and then the number adjusts to include the gift cards. We ran into this today with someone paying by check, and we told them the wrong total because it isn't included in the sales total until you click "Payment"

  • AnatoliaAnatolia Member Posts: 3

    YES, Please do this!! It's so confusing for everyone!

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