Stripe Payments for POS and Ecommerce...

AlexAlex Member Posts: 11
At the moment we are using shopify as our online store, and I sync inventory between LS and Shopify using API scripts I've developed. The reason we haven't moved to LS is the payment processing, basically we use shopify payments powerd by stripe for online store AS well as whenever we go mobile we use shopify card reader and their POS to enter the payments (while we enter the sale through LS), which is kind of a pain but at least we can receive payment that way. If we can get stripe payment on the Ecommerce (which I think the rep guy told me it can) and as well as in the LS retail POS that would be great. If not then we would have to use another app for the payment process. How are other users in Canada doing this? what payment process are they using? Another thing is there seems to be two separate application between Retail and Ecommerce, be nice to be able to manage both online and POS from one application.


  • toyourhealthsctoyourhealthsc Member Posts: 2
    I'm in the US and use stripe ... it was simple to set up. There is a little back and forth between the POS and online, but they just simplified with some new linking between the POS and ecommerce, which I'm finding it makes it a lot easier to get things up on the site.
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