Lightspeed renames my picture files


When I change the names of my images, Lightspeed renames them. In fact, the program takes the full title of the default language and adds the brand name to it.

How do I force Lightspeed to use my custom names?

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  • JeffreySJeffreyS Member Posts: 14

    Usually this is done by the theme, which will have to be changed/altered in the theme code.

  • padminipadmini Member Posts: 6

    Does it mean that if I change the theme all my picture files will be renamed ?

  • JeffreySJeffreyS Member Posts: 14
    edited March 28

    That could very well be @padmini

    To elaborate, this is an image in Lightspeed:

    SHOPID is the Lightspeed ID of your shop. FILEID is the pointer to the actual file, the internal Lightspeed filename. Specify SIZE to use the scaling function of Lightspeed, to get the desired imagedimensions and NAME to name the file.

    To showcase, an example:


    Both show the same image. In the first example the image is scaled to 400x400 pixels and is called padmini.jpg. In the second the image is scaled to 800x800 pixels and named example.jpg.

    The scaling and naming is done by the theme. Scaling based on that's needed: a catalog/collection image usually is smaller, compared to a productpage image. But, both use the same sourcefile. The naming often is replaced by the productname, or a combination of brand and productname for example. This is either hardcoded in the theme or a theme-setting.

    It's actually a quite useful feature and makes it easy to properly name files, for SEO-purposes and imagesearch.

    (to be clear, the imagelinks used aren't really working and just example. Try with an image from your own shop and see for yourself)

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