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stitchworxstitchworx Member Posts: 1

The ability to store credit cards on file. I have multiple customers who place regular orders monthly or bi-weekly and would like to be able to have their credit card stored on file so I don't have to keep calling them or having them come in with their card each time. Items could simply be shipped once completed and payments been made! Saving time all around.


  • dhicksdhicks Member Posts: 32

    Same...we have customers that are billed at the end of each month...and would like to have their credit card stored and just run at the end of each month. Is there a way to have their credit card filed and ran...but also securely stored!! Thank you!!

  • groundedgrounded Member Posts: 2

    We sell furniture, which often has longer lead times. We don't charge for the entire amount up-front. We charge a deposit with the balance due when the vendor ships the item. Having a card on file is mandatory for our business model. It should be available natively within Lightspeed.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 898 

    This is an area to tread extremely lightly. Storing credit card data in the system opens up a big can of worms. From a compliance and liability standpoint. For example, in the US there are strict PCI requirements that have to be followed in terms of potential exposure of these types of things. Most retail software providers don't want to deal with the headaches of these compliance requirements. Instead the payment terminals submit the credit card details via end-to-end encryption, and nothing of consequence is stored in the retail system itself.

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