Sort option on printing a copy of a Purchase Order and the labels for those items received

petrapetra Member Posts: 3

just started using light speed about ten days ago. We tested as much as we could but now that we are live we are having some issues and not getting anywhere with the Help for Lightspeed. When we enter a Purchase Order which has vendor ids associated with the items and we go to print a copy of the Purchase Order, there is no reason as to what sort it is using. When I asked the HELP desk about this, I was told that this is no sort at all. It prints in what ever order it wants, not by their silly system id, nor the vendor id, nor the description of the items, nor by the order in which you entered them. What gives? Is everyone else ok with this? When you enter a Purchase Order for over 50 items and you print out a copy of the Purchase order in order to verify that you have entered everything correctly, you end up running around in circles trying to find the items on the printout. The same is true when printing the labels. And how do we get the developers to change this.

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