Bulk updates for Items and Customers

TimothyTimothy Member Posts: 12


We have developed an integration for a client which has about 100k+ products and 20k+ customers. All of this information is send to LS Retail via the API.

The product information updates frequently; price changes, discounts, custom field updates, new products, ... Doing this one by one via a queue system is possible but takes multiple days, if not weeks, to complete, and it blocks out all other traffic. Sometimes we have to update 20k products at once.

Will there be bulk API operations in the future? Because the Retail API doesn't scale at all. This client will probably double its amount of products in the coming year.

The API lacks a lot of functionality and has some serious scaling issues. It also feels like development has stopped during the last few years, apart from 1 single update in the last 3 years: https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/retail/introduction/changelog/

Any hope is welcome!


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