Kimoby Integration Fail due to incorrect phone number input on iPad App

FrancoUomoFrancoUomo Member Posts: 5


We have Lightspeed Retail and are integrating with Kimoby texting service. The customer database sync essentially failed because all of the phone numbers that we entered for our customers went into the "Home" field instead of the "Mobile" field.

When using the Lightspeed Retail iPad App in regular mode, the application only gives you one unspecified input option for the phone number which it is putting into the "Home" field even though literally nobody is giving a "Home" number. Lightspeed is even using this number as a mobile number when signing customers up for the Lightspeed Loyalty Program.

However, in the back end it is being inputted as a "Home" number which Kimoby is not able to accept and text for legal reasons.

The result of this error is that I am having to do a mass export/import to move all phone numbers from Home to Mobile of our existing database and I will likely have to manually move phone numbers from Home to Mobile on an ongoing basis because my sales team is not able to use the Manager app on the iPad application.

By default, the Lightspeed iPad app should be using the "Mobile" field for phone number inputs instead of "Home."

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