Customer Management by Store Location

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We have two stores with different brands in the same account.

There is no way to export customers based on which location they shopped at or to assign a customer to a location/brand. This makes it very difficult to export customers for my newsletter application because I cannot target by brand/location.

My workaround for this is using the "Customer Type" field to assign a customer to a store. However, this must be done manually one-by-one.

In the Customers window, I can search by Date Created and Customer Type, but I cannot separate them by location.

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  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 63 


    Our company uses tags to identify customers by their shopping location. We have 5 locations and run into the same issues that you do vis a vis needing to identify customers for specific newsletters etc....

    However, this still requires the steps that you've already described. Has to be done manually etc... I'm not sure there's a way around that though. The only way the system would know which location the customer shopped at would be if it somehow knew to link the Register location that was used at checkout. I can see this causing other issues though. We regularly create customer accounts for people without there being a transaction. We also have customers that shop at multiple locations and I can see that confusing an automated setup.

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