How to edit New Checkout version?

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So, there's a new version of checkout, which on the one hand, seems to more reliably pull shipping provider data, but on the other, breaks certain apps (Liquid Delivery) and does not appear to communicate with the custom theme / template system at all.

Is it going to be possible to edit anything in this checkout version? If so, when? Will it integrate more cleanly into existing themes? If I want to inject code via jQuery for example, will that be possible? And so on.


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    As its lightspeed were dealing with here expect it to take a very long time in beta and not play well with payment integrations / shipping integrations or any integrations if at all!

    I dont know how they manage it but every new feature comes about in total ignorance to a merchants reality and a type of chaos.

    This is how i feel when you see an exciting new feature pop up in the home dashboard the moment you realise you have to wait 1/2 a year or longer for it to not work the way it should.

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    @Abbas funny and yet sad because of how true it is. They seem more concerned about gaining a market share than actually making sure the existing features they have work correctly.

    I'm blown away how there is a "Support Community" they often refer you to, saying the devs will help there, but the vast majority of questions go completely ignored by anyone capable of answering them. And when they do answer, it's sometimes months or even years later. Like wow, that's going to encourage companies to stick with you.

    Unfortunately their direct support is just as unresponsive.

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    @HRGeiger its definitely way quieter on here than I remember.

    We where 1st told about the new checkout and invited for a preview (Concept Testing) back in January with a go live of May, then just sometime over the summer. Now we are more eager than ever to see some progress on this as it is the single biggest issue with our site and we are loosing a lot every month because of it.

    Now 5 months after the estimated go live date we are really looking forward to the general availability at the end of this month.

    Having said that my sixth sense is telling me come on its lightspeed - Custom checkout layouts / dynamic buy buttons / address auto complete / manual shipping methods and calculated methods passing into and out of express pay options / and finally and most importantly a new design and layout that is orientated towards a funnel that is seamless and smooth, no header, few steps as possible, product visuals, USP’s. Then that voice wakes me up and I smell the coffee - We are probably going to be waiting another year before something usable is available to merchants out of the guinea pig cage.

    Are you currently using the new checkout on a live site?

    The latest checkout example I have was this -

    It would be great to see if they have merged shipping address and billing address yet and that address lookup is working.

    There’s a lot to be done yet like dynamic buy buttons - Apple / Google Pay and Pay Pal as well as loyalty integration.

    If something doesn't happen soon we may have to follow everyone else to shopify!

    Direct support are generally pretty good they mostly follow up and are very efficient, although I must say that recently they just seem to check if you have the theme enabled and then the call quickly comes to and end with an email follow up.

    Why I think we feel as a merchant like it sort of ground hog day all the time is how LS collaborate and communicate with 3rd party developers. I think this is where they are let down as they seem to be working so hard preventing the ecom platform coming tumbling down, their attitude approach to developers is probably unproductive and this is why more things don't work than work with the 3rd party devs and services and the merchants in the long run pay the price. It also probably has a lot to do with a systematic team approach with a team leader taking the wider view and incorporating developers and merchants into decisions and prioritising feature requests.

    Stripe/digital wallet - Paypal express - Mailchimp - Instagram Feeds -Inventory feeds not playing well over the years - Manual Shipping Methods / Calculated Methods working with express pay options - A positive checkout funnel - Raising arbitrary platform limitations - Themes being properly tested before theme store release - Apps not being properly tested before reaching the app store - General lack of accountability and a culture that just accepts things the way they are - a None Web Browser way to edit code - Allow merchant to see leads of abandoned carts in the backend - SHipstation out of Beta - Better data sharing Retail >Ecom XYZ Values / HS Codes - Search tool that works as a search tool - A DMARC policy for non .com domains

    Try searching this site for cards and then card or bag vs bags - vase vs vases !

    These are some of our daily grievances and if a few of them can be dealt with then it would be something!

    All the best

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