Layaway - More Than 1 For Same Customer Is Needed

abasketfullabasketfull Member Posts: 2

Just discovered today that you can only do 1 layaway at a time for a customer - you have to continue to add to the already existing layaway. This is problematic for us as some of our customers create multiple layaways - especially at the holiday time of the year. Quite honestly, this is very frustrating for us and we would encourage you to find a way for us to create multiple layaways - one more frustration with the system that doesn't seem to grasp the full extent of how small retailers operate.

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  • shoehnshoehn Member Posts: 55 ✭

    Thanks for bringing this up @abasketfull we've run into this issue many times as well and would appreciate being able to open more than one Layaway per customer, just like we can open multiple Work Orders per customer.

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