What is on order from a vendor

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Again I must compare Retail to Onsite. In onsite you could scroll through inventory from a supplier and see what was on order, a yellow dot, simple. Yesterday I tried to find out what was on order from a vendor we use often. The support agent suggested that the answer was to open the product card (there are 1300 skus from this vendor) or open each purchase order for this vendor (there are many). In the end, I called the vendor instead of spending my afternoon opening purchase orders and printing them and noting where an item is on more than one p.o. in a different size . Even with that I am not certain I covered everything. Lightspeed - You were not ready to force us to switch to Retail. If you could create a report with those data then it work be workable but as it is this is another untenable solution.


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    Would also like to see this feature. Thanks.

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    Just a side note. Not that this makes it easier but it may help explain why Onsite and Retail do not have the same functionality. Lightspeed Retail is not their in-house product. They purchased a company called Merchant OS and rebranded it 'Lightspeed Retail'. That's why all of the URLs are https://us.merchantos.com... in Lightspeed Retail. Having been a MerchantOS customer originally, Lightspeed has greatly improved that product.

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