Lightspeed Hub- Label Printer Issues

djonesdjones Member Posts: 2

Every day I have to unplug, change USB ports and turn off/on my label printer to get it to work properly. I had zero problems before the HUB. I have spoken with multiple customer care specialists to help me with the issue. But it still happens. Is this being addressed? Is anyone else having these issues?


  • thislittlegallerythislittlegallery Member Posts: 16

    Having major issues daily with both receipt printer and label printer. I don't understand why it constantly disconnects and was told the hub would fix all issues. UGH! So incredibly frustrating. And customer service is NO help.

  • workerchimpworkerchimp Member Posts: 24

    Same here, just have to keep re - installing it every morning and power cycling the printer. Takes a few minutes, but add that up over the course of a month and I am losing an hour of time I could be doing something else in the store. 12 hours if this goes a full year without a resolution. Horrible, sloppy coding!

  • AldilaAldila Member Posts: 7

    Totally agreed. so frustrating with the receipt printer and label printer is not working frequently. Store ladies keep calling for the receipt not printing. Lightspeed Hub is so unstable program!!

  • rosemontgardensrosemontgardens Member Posts: 2

    And a month later we still have the same issues in our store. They have one product. POS. Do it right.

  • kktabor0430kktabor0430 Member Posts: 4

    Having the same issues! Mainly my receipt printer disconnects almost every transaction. We have to turn it off and back on to reconnect. It takes about two or three minutes while our customer is just standing there. Very inconvenient. Been using Lightspeed for two weeks and already frustrated with this issue! Need to have a resolution quick!!

  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 125 

    Is it possible to have gif posting enabled in comments so I can put "I.T. CROWD, HAVE YOU TRIED TURNING IT OFF AND ON AGAIN" gif just here......

    After months this is our only solution to a dumb setup.

    Standing in front of a customer who wants a receipt and saying "Please wait while everything restarts" is so embarrassing........

  • Bearing_Gifts9Bearing_Gifts9 Member Posts: 1

    I'm having the same problems. Is there a solution coming???????

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 868 

    I thought that there was a post on here about being able to disable both the Zebra BrowserPrint middleware and the Lightspeed Hub. That way the client can just communicate directly with the printer. Has anyone tried going that route?

  • strumke31strumke31 Member Posts: 7

    I have that issue periodically too

  • ch_baucomch_baucom Member Posts: 7

    We are same the exact same printer issues. Our printer is disconnecting from the hub daily and it is so frustrating to have to reset it daily. Lightspeed needs a fix for this please.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 868 

    Did anyone try to disable this "feature"? Check this thread --> Looked under the settings as specified but didn't see anything listed to

  • ch_baucomch_baucom Member Posts: 7

    We tried it, but it didn't meet our needs. I was able to get it to print with the system ID but not the barcode (as desired).

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