Lightspeed Hub- Label Printer Issues

djonesdjones Member Posts: 2

Every day I have to unplug, change USB ports and turn off/on my label printer to get it to work properly. I had zero problems before the HUB. I have spoken with multiple customer care specialists to help me with the issue. But it still happens. Is this being addressed? Is anyone else having these issues?


  • thislittlegallerythislittlegallery Member Posts: 7

    Having major issues daily with both receipt printer and label printer. I don't understand why it constantly disconnects and was told the hub would fix all issues. UGH! So incredibly frustrating. And customer service is NO help.

  • workerchimpworkerchimp Member Posts: 24

    Same here, just have to keep re - installing it every morning and power cycling the printer. Takes a few minutes, but add that up over the course of a month and I am losing an hour of time I could be doing something else in the store. 12 hours if this goes a full year without a resolution. Horrible, sloppy coding!

  • AldilaAldila Member Posts: 7

    Totally agreed. so frustrating with the receipt printer and label printer is not working frequently. Store ladies keep calling for the receipt not printing. Lightspeed Hub is so unstable program!!

  • rosemontgardensrosemontgardens Member Posts: 2

    And a month later we still have the same issues in our store. They have one product. POS. Do it right.

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