Credit Card Refunds Reporting for multi locations

Jessica PhillipsJessica Phillips Member Posts: 5

I have cayan for merchant processing. The end of day report from Lightspeed is never correct due to the fact that Lightspeed processes all credit card returns to the original purchase location's merchant account BUT reports the refund to the location where the item was returned. EXP. Customer buys something in location 1 that's $10 and returns in location 2. Lightspeed reporting will report the $-10 to location 2 but on the backend, it will actually take the $-10 from location 1 merchant settlement. End of day report will say location 1 should have $10 more deposited in credit card than actually will be and location 2 will be short $10 in their credit card settlement for the day. This is a very simplistic example but when you have 8 locations and hundreds of transactions a day, it's impossible to untangle. We at least need a report for credit card returns from other locations where the refund was sent to a different merchant ID than that of the store processing the return.


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