Feature request: add a packsize field and apply it when using reorderpoint

meulenbmeulenb Member Posts: 2

We're working on the usage of the reorderingpoint so we're able to quickly add items on a new purchase order. A big gap in this process is the lack of having the pack size which is applicable when ordering at the supplier

An example: we sell wine glasses by the piece and order them in boxes of 6. Let's say the reordering point (min) is 8 and the reorderinlevel is 16. Today is my ordering day and the stock is 6 pieces. That's below the reorder point so I need to replenish to 16, that's 10 pieces. But I can't order 10, I can only order in multiples of 6. So my expectation of the feature is that it will automatically round up the order need to a multiple of packs.

So the feature request means: add a field on the item card (ordering packsize, default value = 1) AND on the item import and have a rounding rule added to the process that calculated the to-order quantity.

It doesn't appear as a complex wish to me and many, many customers will appreciate this. Bear in mind that more than 70% of a retailers assortment is purchased in different unit than sold and for all these lines, a manual correction is still to be made when loading the items on the PO based on their reordering point.

NB: I'm aware of the Box item features but these are way to complex and inefficient for this purpose.

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