stations changing based on log in even when locked

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Hi Community

Anyone out there figure out how to truly lock down a station. We currently have 3 stations set up for customer check out only. We start the day by opening the register and locking them to the appropriate station # 1,2 or 3. We are finding once you log into whatever station if you move to another station that station # follows you which makes no sense if its supposed to be locked. Just had a situation where Brittney was on station 1 all day till she went to lunch, when she returned she jumped on station 3 to help a client. At the same time Lisa logged into station 1 and was ringing up a client. Lisa's transaction jumped to Brittney's computer (3). There has to be a way to make them static. If Brittney didn't catch it quick enough the client at station 3 would have paid for the client at station 1 items

This is making us crazy!!


  • JasonRobertsJasonRoberts Member Posts: 27

    Yep, we're having a similar problem: We have two stores. We lock the stations, but when a user who is signed into the other store on his office computer uses the point of sale, the POS switches to the other store. In other words, the terminals are following the users, even when locked.

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    Just found this same problem to be true for us. Thankfully we have not gone live yet. This seems to me like a big issue that needs to be addressed promptly.

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