Quick Way to override price at the POS terminal

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In our retail environment, there is often haggling over prices with customers. Is there no easy way to override price items right on one screen? What i do NOT want to do is the following:

1) Go to each item, click edit, change price

2) Repeat for all items.

I just want to be able to change the individual prices all at once, on one window.

Please let me know if there is a solution to this.


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    Can you be more specific? Lightspeed already allows you to change items prices on a sale by clicking the item and changing the price all in the same window. Do you mean you are haggling over TOTAL price with the customer and want to spread the total discount over each item?

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    No. I mean the first thing you specified. When trying the demo, from what i can see if you need to change the price on an item, you have to click on its description, that sends to a new screen where you can change the price, click SAVE, which will take you back to the main POS screen, where you can repeat the process for the next item, etc...

    It seems to cumbersome for employees/managers to have to do that in a face paced environment. Would prefer to just edit the price right on the same screen, before pressing the PAYMENT button. This is the case with other POS software I have used before.

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    That is how it works on Lightspeed too. You can access the product page itself if you need to for some reason (like double-checking your cost for the item before agreeing to a new price) but you can also stay on the same screen to change the price.

    How to:

    1. Ring in item
    2. Click product
    3. Change price
    4. Click save

    This is all done within the sales window.

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    Yes, it turns out you are correct.


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