👕 Consignment – Self-Service-Import for vendors/consignors

RandleMcMurphyRandleMcMurphy Member Posts: 1

Hello everybody,

I'm evaluating lightspeed for our thrift / consignment store. Other software has the option for the vendor/consignor to enter their merchandise into the system themselves from home, even with photo etc.

Is there a way – maybe even by connecting to 3rd party software – to make this possible in lightspeed?

Thanks a lot! 😀

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  • AzTAzT Member Posts: 74 ✭

    Yes, although I wouldn't recommend it. The easiest way I'm aware of to do this would be to give your vendors a login. The problem with this is that they could also edit items that aren't theirs.

    Someone else may have a better solution though.

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