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One of our businesses is in an area that just implemented a TBID (tourist business improvement district) and we need to assess a 1% additional assessment fee on all sales. That we then have to pay to this board. It is specified that is cannot be rolled into sales tax as it is NOT sale tax and it must appear as a separate line item charge but lightspeed has told us there is no other way to do it. Has anyone found a work around to add an additional assessment on top of all sales somehow? Thanks


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    You can try setting up a discount (Settings>Discounts) and call it “TBID Assessment” or whatever. In the 'Percent % Off' field, enter -1% which will add 1% to the sale. When ringing up a customer, the employee will have to click "Apply Discount" and then select "TBID Assessment", once, after all of the items have been added to a sale. That will add 1% to the entire sale and should display it on the receipt. Unfortunately, this is not a passive solution and requires an employee to apply the "discount" to every sale. I'm not sure exactly how it will appear on the sales receipt. Then, when the time comes to pay the assessment to the board, you can run a "Sales by Discount" report (Reports>Grouped Sales Totals>Discount), select your dates and your TBID Assessment total will display. It would be nice if LS could accommodate multiple sales tax items but maybe this will work?

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    I also need this for 2 of our locations. Is there any other workaround other than using a discount? That has been confusing for our customers that look at receipts, as it is listed as a discount.

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