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For whatever reason, maybe it's my base theme (conform plus), but there wasn't an option for LinkedIn. So I added one! It's a relatively easy add and minimal coding and editing. Figured I'd help someone else out too.

Here is what I did as a solution:

1. You will have to enter the Theme Editor and start a copy of your current theme if you haven't already
2. Download the social-icon.png asset, along with the scaled up version social-icons-2x.png
3. Create a new file with the added LinkedIn icon last, all the way to the right of the other icons. Make it the same size (32px & 64px) square as the other icons. I named mine social-icon-new.png and social-icons-2x-new.png
4. Upload these two files you've created to the Assets
5. Navigate to Theme Editor>More(upper right of screen)>Manage Settings then click Add Setting
6. Title it the social media you're adding and Type is 'Text'
7. I used these settings for LinkedIn:

8. Now navigate to Theme Editor>Theme Settings and scroll down to where the social media icons are.
9. Add the URL of the page you want it to link to
10. Navigate to Theme Editor>Theme Editor>style.css and search 'instagram' it should bring you to where all the other social media is.
11. Copy and paste the instagram one and change it to your social media. Here is mine:

12. Navigate to Theme Editor>Theme Editor>custom.rain under layouts
13. Search again for 'instagram' and again copy and paste and change it:

14. That should be it! This could be re-appropriated for other links and such, but I'm guessing there are others out there that wish LinkedIn was an option for Social Media


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  • sspindsspind Member Posts: 13

    If you use default value in template settings it is good to save the link/value again in the design settings otherwise template will not pull default value.

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