Any limit of number of items a store can have?

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Hi. I noticed Lightspeed allows for a maximum of 10,000 items that can be imported via .csv file.

Is that because Lightspeed limits to maximum number of items a single store can have to 10,000? If I need to import more than 10,000 items, can i just run the import multiple times in batches of 10,000?


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    @LightUser You can simply import multiple batches of 10k items as you are suggesting. I know this because we have over 60k items in our lightspeed account, and imported them using multiple batches.

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    Hey @LightUser

    I've seen accounts with upwards to 100k items, however we normally advise that surpassing 70k items could impact the speed of the software.

    The import limit is independant of how many items you can have within retail.


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