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I installed lightspeed HUB, and to connecto to my TM-88V usb receipt printer. Could not connect. Closed lightpeed HUB, tried to run again as administrator, This time the application GUI will not even open. Using Windows 7 or Windows 10 makes no difference, same problem on different computers. I have to kill the program from the task manager in order to relaunch. Then got it to work eventually. What is this issue? Is lightspeed HUB flaky (prone to crashing)?


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    So frustrating with the receipt printer and label printer is not working frequently. Store ladies keep calling for the receipt not printing. Lightspeed Hub is so unstable program!!

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    Lightspeed hub is showing a red cross for an error, yet is up to date and shows no error.

    Super flaky programming.

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    Hey @LightUser

    When it comes to troubleshooting, we recommend contacting support so we can properly investigate and keep tabs on what's happening in case there's a flareup.

    However, it is worth mentioning that devices need to be 64-bit compatible (and not 32-bit) for the hub to operate properly. (I understand this may not be related to your issue but it is worth noting)


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


    Lightspeed Retail Support

    866-932-1801 ext. 2 (Toll-Free)

    514-907-1801 ext. 2 (Montreal)

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