Printing Off Receipts on a full sheet of paper

AcesHighAcesHigh Member Posts: 6

When using both my regular PC printers to print a paper copy of the receipt, it the margins around the receipt are cut off. I've tried changing margins in the printer settings and it does not fix it. I also find the print small but the more important issue is the edges of the receipt cut off. The only way I can get it to print a basic copy of the receipt is to print to a PDF file then scale it, then print it. I've even tried scaling to fit from the usual print window without PDF and that does not work either. Using a HP Envy5530 printer and a Brother MFC-L2730DW printer, both having the same issue. Printing to normal size printer paper shouldn't be an issue... A real pain in the butt.

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  • BenVBenV Member Posts: 46

    What browser do you use? Using Chrome, we're able to print receipts on a full sheet when the margins are set to "minimum". (using the margin setting under "More Settings")

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