Help with Non-shippable items

MykillinKMykillinK Member Posts: 3

I am trying to set this up per the instructions listed here:

This is not working for me:

  • Our shipping methods (Regular parcel, Xpresspost) are set maximum 100kg
  • Our local pickup is set to maximum 200kg
  • I have added the weight 200kg to one of our products for testing
  • On adding ONE test item to checkout, I am still offered ALL shipping methods
  • When I adjust the quantity of this same test product in my cart (TWO or more), I am now offered Local Pickup as the only option

I have played with the settings, cart quantities, and always get the same result.

Please advise.

Screenshot: Shipping options with ONE test item in the cart

Screenshot: Shipping options with TWO test items in the cart

Screenshot: Local pickup is set to 200 KG maximum weight

Screenshot: Regular Parcel is set to 100 KG maximum weight

Screenshot: Xpresspost is set to 100 KG maximum weight

Screenshot: test product is set to 200 KG



  • VélomaniaVélomania Member Posts: 35


    For us entering a weight of 99999 for an item we do not want to ship is working

  • MykillinKMykillinK Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for the reply - I am having the same result:

    • Set weight for test item to 99999
    • add one item to cart, and it offers me all shipping methods
    • change quantity in cart to 2; and now only offers local pickup

    Very strange how it will only trigger "Local pickup only" when more than one item is in the cart.

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