Feature Request: The Ability To Update Quantities for a large inventory VIA Spreadsheet Upload

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We are a small business looking to expand and have recently started working with a wholesale company. This company updates quantities of their items frequently throughout the day and we would like to do the same as we plan on giving our customers access to their products by utilizing their drop shipping option.

Lightspeed does not have the ability to allow for us to update a large number of existing items with new quantities via a spreadsheet upload which would be much quicker than manually adjusting existing item quantities, especially with a large inventory being involved. We feel it would be in the general interest of Lightspeed Customers for them to create a program where it is possible to update existing item quantities quickly using a spreadsheet that uses the data from the SKU and Existing Item Quantity to update Existing Item Stock quickly and efficiently.

We also feel this could be beneficial to updating the prices for a large number of items as well by taking the data from the SKU and the Updated Existing Item Price and uploading a spreadsheet file that could update those numbers quickly as well.

Simply put we believe that by Lightspeed creating and having a system in place that allows for faster existing stock updates VIA spreadsheet uploads it would expedite the current process in which customers must manually update their stock quantity, stock price, ect.

We have been told if there is enough interest in this type of thing Lightspeed may consider doing something like this in the future. If you agree please show your support on this thread and push for Lightspeed to make the inventory updating process easier!

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    Completely agree. We were previously on Lightspeed OnSite, which had this feature. Now that we have moved to Retail, it has essentially made full store inventory counts impossible, being that we have thousands of unique SKUs. With one location it is doable, but now that we've added a second store, and plan to open more, we will likely have to leave Lightspeed over this one basic feature that they failed to implement.

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    We would love to be able to upload a spreadsheet/csv to Inventory Counts! After all, doing inventories is a very important part of Retail!

    Currently, we have to use a program to automatically type for us. For example, you can use AutoHotKey. But it does so in real time, so an inventory of 1000 items will take at least 1000 seconds, more if you think that LightSpeed will lag a bit in between entries.

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