Gift Card

Patrick1234Patrick1234 Member Posts: 16

We gave up on the restrictive Gift Card system and made a workaround

We make a beautiful Card and then put the date of sale as the code.

Then make a store credit under the name of recipient (or purchaser)

These details are enough for us access the credit and apply it to the purchase .


  • SarahQSarahQ Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Patrick. We are trying to avoid having to have Lightspeed gift cards and just have our own in-house ones.

    I am interested in how you created your own codes.

    Question- how do you input the Gift Card code to begin with? Do you create the Gift Card as an inventory item with the created code as the UPC at the time of purchase?

  • YHPMattYHPMatt Member Posts: 2

    Be careful using the credit line. Putting payments on them will show as outstanding credit owed to you in case of an audit.

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