Technical Issues regarding API connection Between Lightspeed K-Series and customized DB

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Dear K-Series Lighspeed API Support, 

I'm Giovanni from Bun Burgers, one of your italian customers currently active in food retail.

With this communication I hereby ask you technical support for an API issue regarding connection between our Lightspeed System & a private Bun DB for customized analytic forecasts we are developing during these months (We started development on September).

At the beginning of our development, we did an endpoint call to the Lightspeed store list, just to save inside our DB the different ID's of our stores that Lighspeed exposes to us.

That's the list of the ID'S we've seen in the past:

  1. 223192270509556 > Milano bligny
  2. 223192270504946 >Bicocca
  3. 223192270508579 > Arese
  4. 223192270507602 > Torino amendola
  5. 223192270513012 > Dell'orso
  6. 223192270503938>  Magolfa

We found no problems until 17th of september. 

After this date, we see this response message:

"message": "Business Location Not found for 223192270509556"

You see the ID inside the text is clearly the ID of the store "Milano Bligny", an our store >I confirm it currently exists and we currently see inside our Lightspeed system, so we cannot understand why when we take the call we cannot see anything.

So, when we do a call through API with the correct store list, the only one we currently see is "MIlano The Sign".

Could I gently ask you if there were some changes/patches/updates/script changes on the 17th of september which created the cause of this misalignment?

I confirm we daily see all our stores inside Lightspeed, so we cannot understand why the ID's of the store Lightspeed showed before aren't available and viewable.

Please let us know your feedback about this issue. It's urgent.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,




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