Inventory Transfers - where are the SKU's

My question is why when after printing a transfer are there only the product descriptions? I have to manually add the SKU's for picking. Why can't LS add the SKU's ?


  • SamASamA Member Posts: 36

    Thanks for this feedback. My business uses transfers extensively to keep track of the movement of very specific small parts. It would be very useful to have additional item attributes displayed in the transfer orders (ie. upc).

  • RevcycleRevcycle Member Posts: 35

    I'd like to see Cost of item and total cost of each transfer also

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 864 

    Item numbers, UPC's, EAN's, SKU's, etc. are all part and parcel of any inventory transfer, RTV, PO, etc. for most retail software solutions. The fact that so many canned Lightspeed Retail reports neglect that is clumsy.

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