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As another poster pointed out there are a couple of road blocks with Omnichannel Gift Cards. All of the issues here can be summed up by the fact that gift cards are not a product. Essentially the Gift Card functionality is shortcut feature to a database that houses the gift card number for use in eCom and Retail. While this is a great update overall it does leave some room for improvement.


  1. Find GC #
    1. in eCom GC database the numbers are started out (only last 4 digits visible). To find this you have to track down the GC sale ID number in your Retail GC databse)
  2. Can you find the email address of the intended recipient (at a later date)
    1. Retail - yes but - the only record of the intended email recipient is if you look at the log files of the original transaction - look at the (Transaction ID>Event Log) then search the results until you find "new_omni_gift_card" then choose to expand (+ form_name...). You should then see the email email_to [[email protected]]. I looked at the .json fields of the receipt but there is no array data related to the recipient email so this would not be something that could even be added to the custom print templates fields.
    2. eCom - yes - because eCom requires email recipient at time of purchase the record of this can be viewed/copied from the printout of the invoice (in item line notes field)
  3. Cancelling GC Orders (requires you to manually cancel the gift card)
    1. after the transaction is cancelled or refunded go back to the Retail database and cancel the card with the button in the top right "Cancel gift card" (this retains the original information but deactivates it)
  4. Automated Email Copy - no way to adjust the copy of the
  5. eCom Gift Card Page Copy - no way to adjust the copy on the eCom "Buy" page (www.YOURWEBSITE/buy-gift-card/)
  6. Discounting - not available in eCom or Retail (workarounds listed below)
  7. Custom Images - no option to include custom images
  8. Only one email recipient in email field - you can opt to send again to any email address after the GC is in the system. Use case would be if the purchaser wanted to retain a copy of the gift card.

Workarounds -

Create a new payment method [Settings>Sales>Payment Types] name it whatever you want (Marketing/Promotion/Gift Card Discount/etc).

Those who use Lightspeed Accounting (via ShoGO) - you will need to map this to your accounting software. For QBO it would be the addition of a new Chart of Accounts. We use one called "Sales>Discounts". Once that is mapped you will at least have an accurate picture of overall discounts. One thing to note is that you will have to wait until a sale is propagated in eCom which will have a new mapping field that will need to be assigned before the journal entries will sync.

Retail GC Discount:

  1. Create a new Sale and when you click Payment - put the discounted value in this new Payment Type and then the balance due will be the effective discounted total.

eCom GC Discount:

Simply put this is a workaround that you will have to explain to your online shoppers in some way. This will prove to be a pain because of the #3 issue listed above. Customer will be responsible for doing their own math here and you will have to match it. When an eCom GC sale comes through and you want to give some extra $$ to the card you will have to add the extra funds through the Retail system. Be sure that you have created a new payment method [Settings>Sales>Payment Types] name it whatever you want (Marketing/Promotion/Gift Card Discount/etc).

  1. Copy the new gift card number.
  2. Open up the customers card (IN RETAIL) and start a new sale.
  3. Click Gift Card and enter that number, extra funds, and email address of the intended (#1-b issue listed above)
  4. Payment will need to be applied to your new Payment Type 'XYZ'

By no means is this exhaustive. Leave your comments or issues and I will continue to update the OP if there is any development on any/all of this.

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  • BrabaryBrabary Member Posts: 13

    Personalizing the online gift card would be great.

    Features I'd like to see:

    • Importing custom images
    • Custom Fields (To, From, Amount, Date, Personal Message)
    • Post dating when the email sends. (birthday is Jan 12, but purchased Jan 2, I don't want to send it early)
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